Tell All #30Layers30Days Day 10


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Living for 30 years, you tend to know a little about yourself and most people take the time to do the things they enjoy doing.  I have learned that keeping my creativity going keeps me balanced so that Ican keep doing my job to te best of my ability…Day 10!


Does this sound like you:
You don’t think you’re creative. You love to create, but you don’t think you are particularly talented.  You don’t want the people in your life to judge your creative vulnerability, so you hide it.
If you were not concerned about these things and felt free to explore and express yourself freely, what would you do? What would you create? What story would you tell and how would you tell it?

Throughout my life I have always known that I was a creative person and a logical person because I am smart but artsy.  I LOVE THE ARTS!!! No matter which artform it is, I love some aspect of it because people that create inspire me to create.  Every person walking the Earth needs inspiration to do something great.  I don’t really feel that I lack talent and I know that I’m a creative person but I do feel that I would be judged by people in my life when I present my talent.  I want their input though but I don’t want to be judged for something they may not understand.  Without being concerned about judging, I believe that I would write a book and also do photography.  I have always wanted to do a photography exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City but, of course, I want to start out small and get more experience.  With my photography, I want to tell a lot of different stories.  Love stories, people’s realities whether good or bad, music careers and the progression of the artist, and people in their element of creativity…many stories!  I want to tell inspirational stories. Period.  INSPIRE!!!!

You’re a creative. Everybody is.  Have you tapped into your creative side? What art form do you most identify with?  Would you share your craft with the world where you are or would you wait for something particular to happen?  If you’re willing, please share your creativity with me.  Inspire me! Thank you for coming back and stopping by!!!


Enough Is Enough #30Layers30Days Day 9


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Vacations are meant to be relaxing and helps you get away if you need to be alone or with someone that keeps you in a great place.  I have found that I always look forward to a vacation every 4 to 5 months because that’s just what I’m used to.  When I can’t actually get away from where I live, I have to have other options…Day 9!


Where do you go or what do you do to escape from the world and recharge? What creative activities remind you of who you are and what is important to you?

When life is being a little annoying Ineed some form of a vacation but when I can’t go out of town I go on a little staycation.  I might go to a bookstore or a little coffee shop to just relax and read, write or map out some goals.  I never knew how calming being in a coffee could be until I went the first time.  Even though there are people that are coming in and out of the shop with their latte this and mocha that, it is inspiring when you’re around other people that are moving and shaking but it, ironically, helps you focus and relax.  I, also, every once in a while, will get a hotel room for a couple of days in a different area of Atlanta just to have a bit of different scenery.  My inspiration comes from different things such as art, landscaping, beautiful skyscrapers and people so exposing myself to those things are paramount to me.  I have to have inspiration to write and, of course, I love photography so I gather inspiration from that.  Taking pictures has always been something that I’ve loved doing and it calms me more than any other thing I love to do.  My peace and my getaway is art.  Simple.

Everyone needs a realeas or some form of relaxation and should find time to do what they find peace in and around.  What is that thing that brings you peace?  Where do you do to center yourself and relax your mind?  Speak on it. Thank you for reading!!! 

Inner World #30Layers30Days Day 8


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If you really knew me then you’d know I’m a talker and I can express myself about things that most people around me can see and know about me already.  On the other hard the things and feelings people can’t see are what is hard for me to express. When I’m by myself is when a lot of those thoughts pop into my head…Day 8!


To what extent do you find yourself preoccupied with your own thoughts and challenged to share your inner world with others?  Also, how do you preserve your need for solitude and still make room for the people you love?

When I’m in front of other people I’m a lot of fun and I’m present with those people and being social. Most times I am by myself and on a cloud somewhere in the universe with my thoughts and my music. Being a Libra, I require alone time with the sounds of Luther Vandross, Anita Baker and a lot of other amazing artists to allow me to just “be”. As you can see, I’m an old school R&B lover and new school R&B lover…I’m just an R&B lover. Period. It helps me sort out feelings and some thoughts I’m having at that time.  I, sometimes, feel that I need more time than others for no reason that I can clearly explain. The time that I spend in my solitude is necessary for me to have the best days I possible can.  It’s my sanity.  I do keep my relationships priority though when I’m not taking time to myself.  My family and friends are a big part of my life and what keeps me grounded and happy. They love me and I love them and when it comes to life, my happiness comes down to that and them.

Everyone needs alone time and something that keeps their days going as smoothly as it can. What do you do to keep you at peace?  What rituals have you come to look forward to for your happiness? Maybe it’s not a ritual but a person or people? Let me know in the comments.  I’d love to read your stories.  Thanks for coming by!!!

Sapiosexual #30Layers30Days Day 7


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By definition, a sapiosexual is one who is attracted to or aroused by intelligence in others.  If that definition is correct, then I am definitely a sapiosexual. I didn’t know there was a word for it but you learn something new everyday. Intelligence in a man is a major attraction for me because I like to hear what a guy has to say before there are any moves made to further any form of a relationship…Day 7!


What non-physical qualities are most attractive to you?  I’m not talking about sexual attraction. In general, what qualities do you notice in others that draw you in and attract you to that person?

I guess when the definition of sapiosexual come to mind then that would be me. I have always said to anyone that a guy may look good but if what comes out of his mouth sounds like foolishness then there goes the attraction. The attraction has officially left the building! I like to have conversations with people. I like to hear people’s stories in general that I may possible learn from.  When it comes to learning about a guy I want to hear him speak so that I know that he can carry on a great conversation with me about almost anything.

I also like a man that can tell me about his dreams and tell me how his dreams came about. I love a man that has ambitions and drive and is working toward his dreams because it helps me stay motivated in my pursuit of my dreams and goals. In my opinion it’s the way people use the analogy “metal sharpens metal”. I feel that a great mind sharpens a great mind. It keeps our conversations interesting and it could potentially take us on amazing trips to extraordinary places that we wouldn’t originally be able to go.

Last, and never least, I like a man that can talk about his family in a loving and caring way. I love and adore my family so I would like for us to be able to talk about family memories and the future plans we have with our families.  It gives me an idea of how he would treat his family when he had his own one day.  That is a very important aspect of getting to know a potential mate because you would like to have the same values and morals.

I know, I know! Initially what we see is what attracts us to the person we’re looking at but looks definitely aren’t everything.  There has to be something else inside that person that makes us continue to spend our time with them.  I know there is something different for everyone so let me know what keeps your attention (other than the physical) to a potential mate.  What makes you spend you valuable time with someone?  I can’t wait to read what you have to say! Thank you for reading! It’s been a journey with more to come!!!

Smothered #30Layers30Days Day 6


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I know that there is a lot that goes on in the world at any given time. Everyone is always on the run and trying to keep up with the changing trends and people’s up and down emotions including our own. Going into work, dealing with family, and other things can always take your attention away from you and your well-being…Day 6!


What people and things are making it hard for you to breathe right now?

There is only one thing that I feel is making it hard for me to breathe and that is my job. It’s been difficult to find time to do anything because my schedule is so up and down. The shifts are always “shifting”. The job itself is fine but the schedule is more the problem. I would love to have a set morning or evening schedule to plan trips and just “me” time when I’m not working. I have lived in Atlanta for 10 years and I have not seen half of the things I would like to explore. Granted a big part of the reason is all me but my all-over-the-world schedule hasn’t really allowed me to fully experience what Atlanta has to offer. I have been experiencing more though lately and I plan to keep experiencing and keeping life interesting. Adding more value to my life is the name of the game from your point on.

I know that you have something in your life that makes it a little or a lot difficult to keep your sanity or add some extraordinary experiences and value. I have exposed mine so go ‘head and let me know yours. Speak on it in the comments. Thank you, subSCRIBErs!

Listen To Me #30Layers30Days Day 5


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I am, I feel, great at giving sound and honest advice because my Libra scales can see both sides of any situation and I try to make the person see both sides of it too so that they can make the best decision. I’ve always been a talker because people have always seemed to ask my opinion on things.  So I don’t struggle with speaking my mind…Day 5!


If you don’t normally struggle with speaking your mind, what kind of things cause you to clam up and hold your feelings in?

You know I have never been one to hold back my feelings about anything though I try not to hurt someone’s feelings with my thoughts. The only time I can really remember holding back my feelings was when I really loved this guy and the reason I felt that I didn’t say anything about it to him was because I didn’t feel that he felt the same way. I wanted to wait until I could tell he felt the same way or when he said how he felt about me. When I love or have feelings for a guy I just can’t form the words or maybe didn’t want to. That is the only thing that has ever made me feel like I didn’t have a voice so I’m waiting on the person that I feel comfortable with saying everything I feel.

What has caused you to lose your voice or what keeps you from sharing your opinion? I would love to know. Let me know in the comments. I appreciate you coming this far with me through this challenge. Keep reading! It’s getting really good!

#AmeriCAN: a short film Review


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In the previous post I spoke about how much I love movies and I really do! I have seen so many movies from all types of genres and I sometimes feel like a movie critic when I actually go to the theater because I look at movies from a different perspective and then I go and read other reviews of the same movie to see if other reviewers agree with my thoughts. I will go on record and say that I will be looking out for other people’s reviews of the short film #AmeriCAN.

You should rush over to Youtube and watch the short film #AmeriCAN.

This film is, to say the absolute least, an amazing adaptation of what can happen when stereotypes are used. I have seen very few movies that have shocked me by the ending but this one astounded me with the ending and I just didn’t see it coming AT ALL. Though #AmeriCAN was a short film, I’m sure that anyone who saw it was amazed by how realistic it is and I’m sure most people could see themselves being in a situation portrayed and thinking the same thoughts of any one of the characters in the film.

#AmeriCAN is written and directed by an amazing actor (and clearly, amazing writer and director) Nate Parker.  He has starred in movies like Red Tails, The Secret Life of Bees and The Great Debaters. All great movies, by the way. This film is very controversial even though it is a short film and it comes at a time when the United States is not so united on race relations. There have always been racial tension but this film is what happens to African American males all the time.  The stereotypes are what cause things like this to happen. #AmeriCAN teaches us all that we shouldn’t judge each other by the stereotypes that were here long before us. We should have our own minds and deal with one another on a situation by situation basis. We should never judge people by one situation we had with someone we thought was like them in any way.

In the film the caucasian father is an officer that has stereotypes in his mind of how the African American males he approached on the street live their lives and he feels that one of them have committed a crime and they all say that they have not done anything. After he questions them, he lets them go. They all leave but as he’s about to leave he see 3 other young guys all wearing hoodies walking toward him on the sidewalk.  They (the young guys and the officer) stop and look at each other for a second and the young guys run off and the officer runs after them.  The guys get out of the view of the officer in an alleyway or parking lot and the officer pulls his weapon and looks around. At that time the young guys that he chased come out of hiding and start running in different directions. The officer shoots one of them and one of the other boys recognizes the officer and calls him by name. When the officer realized who the guy was that called his name, he rolled over the guy that he shot and realized it was his own son. The same son that he told he didn’t want him to leave the house and not hang out with his friend. It was sad because even though he didn’t trust the people in the neighborhood and had just harassed the other 4 guys, he was asking for their help when he realized he had just shot his own son. The people of the neighborhood just stood there and looked as he asked for help.

This film just shows people that you never know who you’re coming in contact with when you can’t see their faces. No one should ever be judged by how they look, what they wear or what neighborhood they’re from. No one should ever lose their child because of their prejudice for other people that their child is friends with. Hopefully #AmeriCAN will guide people’s thoughts to better ways of thinking about other people that may be different than they are. It could save so many lives.

I hope you have sat and watched the film and I know it has stirred some feelings up in you that you may want to share and I’m here to listen. Please share your thoughts in the comments. Thank you for reading!!!

Super Superpowers #30Layers30Days Day 4


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Continuing with the November #30Layers30Days challenge has been great and I’m actually keeping up and I’m happy about that. I just want to complete it successfully.

I love movies!!! In 2012 I went to the theater to see a movie almost every single week sometimes catching double features.  Some of those movies were action movies which comes only second to movies with a musical theme or storyline. A lot of the action movies feature a character with some kind of superpower.  We all have some kind of power and I have an idea of what mine would be…Day 4!


When viewed with love and courage, the things that we feel the most self-conscious about are often our greatest strengths.  What superpowers are you hiding?

I feel that we all have weaknesses and my personal strength is the fact that I can give great advice to people with similar situations to something that I may be going through at the time but my weakness is that I can’t follow the same advice that I would give to another person.  I feel that if I can tell someone else what they should do I should be able to do the same but it’s difficult. I do feel that my superpower, I guess, would be solving people’s problems and helping them get out of sticky situations and helping them make tough decisions.

I know I’m no superhero because there is too much kryptonite in the world but I try to help people whenever i can even though it seems to be really hard for me to help myself.  What superpower would you have if you were a superhero? I’d love to hear what kind of power lies in our world that we haven’t been exposed to yet. Share in the comments!!! Thank you for reading!!!

Permission #30Layers30Days Day 3


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I have been on this journey called life for 30 years now and I have no doubt allowed different things in my life to deter me from accomplishing my goals and being who I am meant to be so I’ll answer these questions…Day 3!


What factors block your self-expression the most?

I feel that a lack of inspiration has been blocking my self-expression the most.  I am a visual and hands-on person so physically being in front of colors and any form of art will motivate me to express myself at the highest level.

What factors stifle your personality and natural instincts the most?

I’ve been working for a long time and didn’t realize until recently that I feel my job is changing my personality or has changed my personality a bit.  I was a lot more fun and outgoing back before I stopped learning something new.  I’m a Libra so I have to have mental stimulation that challenges me and I haven’t been getting that.

In what areas of your life are you waiting for permission to be yourself?

There is something in every facet of my life that I’m not happy about and I know what I have to do change those things and I will share those things in later posts.

I know the above questions got me to thinking about where my life has been but also where it is going.  I NEED TO FOCUS!!! PERIOD!!! Thanks for reading and keep journeying with me through this life.

I’m Starting A New Series…A Pastor’s Wisdom


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Hello subSCRIBErs out there!!! I know I haven’t been blogging on a very regular basis and I feel bad for that because I love to write and inspire people by introducing that part of myself to the world.  Also my faith is something that I’m trying to restore and elevate and I’m keeping my life and heart centered on God and I’m giving God what He deserves…all of me.  With all of that being said I decided the best way to keep me inspired and accountable and also to help introduce some inspiring words from my pastor Bishop Dale C. Bronner and sometimes other pastors, I would create series called A Pastor’s Wisdom.


The first installment of this series is based on the sermon my pastor Bishop Dale C. Bronner at Word of Faith here in Georgia. The title of the sermon is Forgotten But Not Forsaken.








I hope that you have gotten inspiration from this series that I’m starting and continuing. This will keep me inspired and accountable and help my faith grow. Thank you for reading!!!